Private Label - Supplements, Vitamins and Nutritional Manufacturer

Private Label supplements is a turnkey solution Nuropharm provides to all of its clients. This is a result of years of experience as well as dedication to the demands of the supplement and vitamin industry. Nuropharm has a firm understanding and trending of end consumer’s needs. This intelligence is passed on to our clients by providing turnkey private label solutions and products which are of the highest quality. Today’s environment requires that regulatory and quality issues are met at every level. Nuropharm provides quality and launching products cost effectively and in a timely efficient manner.

Nuropharm is Dedicated to Developing the exact Private Label Product for You.

Nuropharm enables companies to turn over new projects to a highly capable, experienced and dedicated team that defines the term ‘quality in manufacturing.’ We are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of the ever-changing regulations and processes in product production and manufacturing that shape this industry. Our highly qualified team will ensure that your product is designed to function at the highest level.

We take great pride in the fact that Nuropharm is a driving force in the manufacturing of private label, custom manufactured supplements and nutraceuticals for the health and food industry. For years, Nuropharm's network of expertise has been manufacturing the highest-quality products for companies just like yours. Our exxperts have a track record of exceptional service and success within private label products.

5 Reasons to Choose Nuropharm as your Partner

1 - Our Network of State of the Art Facilities

Our network of facilities are certifield by FDA & GMP standards. Our manufacturing facilities are state of the art and will meet your demanding needs.

2 -Our team of Expert Scientists, Chemists, Formulators, Nutritionists and Herbalists.

We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. Every product we manufacture is manufactured to the highest standards. Accordingly, expert product managers, nutritionists, chemists, herbalists, scientists, and formulators with years of experience are part of our team, further insuring that we create only top-quality products.

3 - Our Extensive Portfolio of Private Label Products

Nuropharm has an extensive private label portfolio of private label products that include vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, protein products and specialty products with unique and hard to find ingredients.

4 - We Can Handle Any Production Run Sizes from 1000 to 100,000

Nuropharm  has carved out a name for itself by being able to accommodate nearly any size production run. As a result, we work to anticipate your needs in a prompt and timely manner.

5 - Our Service Record is Impeccable

Our expert team provides over 30 years of combined expertise to our customers.  This Nuropharm team strives to ensure that your product fully meets your specifications, budget and timeframe.

Feel free to contact us today and we will show you the dedication, knowledge and professionalism of our Nuropharm team and fully overview our private label solutions. click here