PepperMax-ALG™ is a new proprietary Crackle Technique™ blend.

PepperMax-ALG™ is a proprietary Crackle Technique™ blend derived from Pink Pepper extract with Red Algae and Microalgae with powerful lipolytic properties targeting cellulite.

Combined with the revolutionary Crackle technique PepperMax-ALG™ effectively targets cellulite with a complex of natural active ingredients offering 3 distinct actions with visable results within 3-6 weeks:

  • Enhances Fat Burning and drainage
  • Reduces the circumference of the waist, hips and thighs
  • Re-firms and restructures the skin

PepperMax-ALG™ stages from

  • Immediately - tone & condition
  • 2 weeks - cellulite improvements
  • 3 weeks - skin firmness and smoothness repair.
  • 4 weeks - slimming effects

Crackle Technique™

Crackle technique brings out the potential of the active ingredients in
PepperMax-ALG™  within the first 5 minutes. The synergy of this revolutionary cosmeceutic technique has achieved significant results by still preserving the genuineness of a natural product.

  • Immediate cooling
  • Instant toning of the skin
  • Effective penetration to deliver actives deep into the skin
  • Fast drying
  • Non-greasy
  • Leaves skin feeling firmer and hydrated
  • Leaves a silky film on the skin
  • Better than simply massaging product into the skin
  • You can feel it working


Pink Berry Extract - Enhances Fat Burning and drainage

A concentrated oil from pink berries, Pink Berry Extract sets itself apart from traditional fat burners due to its pre-lipolytic action. Its pre-lipolytic activity focuses on large lipid droplets. This slimming agent reduces their protection to make them more available to lipases. It also stops them forming instead of small lipid droplets which are easier to burn. Prepared in this way, its lipolytic action is multiplied and it generates significant centimetre loss in both men and women.

Finally, the slimming effect of Pink Berry Extract is rounded off by stimulating micro-circulation.

Pink Berry Extract is a pure oil extracted from Schinus terebinthifolius seeds using the supercritical CO2 technique. The false pepper plant Schinus terebinthifolius is a specie of tree whose berries provide a spice known as “pepper rosé”, “pink berries” or “Aroeira. It originated in Brazil and is nowadays cultivated in the island Réunion (next to Madagascar) for its berries known as the “Pink Gold of Réunion”.

Centimetre loss thanks to Pink Berry Extract

Finally, the slimming effect of Pink Berry Extract is rounded off by stimulating micro-circulation.

The tree can measure up to 15 metres high. Its leaves are evergreen, aromatic, creased and can reach 15 cm in length. They give off a peppery odour or an odour of terebinth. The off-white flowers hang in bunches. From these, a discretely perfumed honey is produced. The pink berries, aromatic fruits, coloured coral red in summer, are 8 mm in diameter and have a peppery smell. The tree secretes an aromatic resin which is also called “incense”.

Pink Berry EXtract has a fairly sweet taste, almost sugary at first, then aromatic. They are often sold preserved in brine or used as dried berries. They are eaten whole or crumbled, i.e. carefully crushed between the fingers.

Differentiation of pre-adipocytes, which up till that point are not capable of storing fat, in the young adipocyte is the first step in the fat storage process. Fats are taken on by a protein called adipophilin and stored as small lipid droplets.








Red Algae Extract - Reduces the circumference of the waist, hips, thighs

To eliminate the wastes of lipolysis By stimulating micro-circulation Red Algae Extract favours the drainage of the adipose tissue and the elimination of fatty acids released by lipolysis


Microalgae Extract - Re-firms and restructures the skin

To restructure the dermis and the DEJ.

Stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis + collagen and laminin fibres in the DEJ

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